The Lies We Tell For Love

Two strange things meet one night in the club. Beings hidden among us, hidden in human skins. Two lonely creatures, who unbeknownst to even each other, both seek solace in the same nightlife. Where their masks appear most convincing. Where their differences can remain hidden.  Where they can sap life from human hosts like parasites, passing through the worlds of their lovers, leaving them drained, but always longing. Themselves alone, so totally alone.

They spot one another immediately, drawn together like moths to flame. Threading through the dancing crowd, they meet. Electricity rushes through them.

He smiles, and while her back is turned, quickly rearranges his face to look more... human.

Coughing, the ‘man’ pitches his voice to hide the demonic growl he can never quite eliminate. He need not worry, over the throbbing loud music, the succubus barely hears his words.

“These… places, they’re so-”

“Corny?” She responds, and he’s too enthralled to wonder why he hears her whisper in his head more clearly than day.

“Yeah, like that line, I suppose.”

She laughs, and as he checks his texts, tucks her pointed tail back in her pants.

“I don’t know why I come here,” She sighs, hoping he doesn’t notice her ashen grey skin. Or the glowing red irises hidden behind false contacts. He feels… familiar. She thinks, something she’s never felt with any man. If only she knew… he is no man.

“I don’t feel like anyone is-”

“Real? Like there’s any connection? Like we’re all just drift in this… sea?”

Now comes her turn to smile. “Yeah, exactly.”

“Say…” He grumbles almost sheepishly, “Do you wanna-”

“Dance? I’d love to.”

She grabs his hand before he can respond, almost before he can mold it from claw to human hand, and drags them further into the mass of humanity. There they dance, their hungers forgotten for a night. There a deeper need is satisfied, one they could not name if asked.

As the club thrums around them, two beasts fall in love with a lie. Two monsters, who share more than they know, elope on the dance-floor. Two creatures wonder: "How long can this last? Will he/she still love me if they find out the truth?"