He looked at his phone, turned pale, and then quickly fled the room. She watched him, smiling. No one noticed his departure but she, and after excusing herself from her friends, she rose and followed him down the hall. She knew what he had seen on his phone. She knew what opportunity this was, and an ancient hunger fomented within her. One forgotten for so long.

Sin… sin… It called to her.

She felt the black grumbling in the pits of what would be her stomach, had she organs like a regular creature. Instead there was only a pit, that fed on sin, bottomless and containing a universe entire. She shuddered with pleasure, and for a moment her façade dropped. Anyone in the hall who looked at her for that microsecond saw darkness, a horror too unfathomable to be anything but dismissed by human eyes. It was either that or go mad.

She flowed down the hall, her human form growing harder and harder to hold as the cravings hit her and found him outside in a nearby copse of pine, dialing back the strange number that had texted him. She knew what the message said, could read it in on the back of her eyelids when she closed her eyes. She saw the image that accompanied it. Felt the fear of its subject, and felt how abruptly that fear had turned to the void of death, where all emotion drained into the shade's forgotten realm.

"Listen…" He was saying as she approached, unbeknownst to him in the dark, "Listen… I don't know what you think you're doing. What you know, or think you know. But this is a mistake. This is all a misunderstanding. I didn't-"

He pauses as the other voice on the phone interrupts him, one she could have easily discerned but chose not to. More threats, or more vivid details of the man's misdeeds. Extortion did not interest her. Perhaps one day she would come calling for that voice on the phone, and bring him or her to an atonement. But for now… only the death she saw remembered in this man's eyes interested her.

I know what you've done. The blackness in her hissed.

The man's phone dropped from his nerveless fingers. Threats forgotten. They knew, they always knew what awaited them when she came calling. The faces of the aggrieved flashed before their eyes.

"Please… please…" All courage left him, his face grew even paler than before.

I know what you've done. I… I am your reckoning.

And she consumed the man. The pit and the dark bowling him over. His screams quickly muted by the howling sinful legions that claimed him

 And as the sun fell beneath the horizon, no life remained amongst the trees.