Dream Theory

In the therapist's office, he sat on a couch. The therapist, expression of benighted concern and fake compassion on his face, tapped away on his tablet. The patient leaned forward, as if to reveal a conspiracy:

"Doc, lemme tell you about the dream I had last night."

"Of course."

"Me and everyone I know, we dangled on a rope hanging over an ocean. No land in sight." He paused. "We were scared see, but kept climbing.

“We were climbing, when I saw my feet were covered in ants."

At this the therapist looked up and responded. "Ants?"

"Yeah, but I didn't feel em at all."

I looked down, then up, my whole body was rife with 'em. I looked to the world, dangling by a thread. And they all started... screaming."

"The ants?"

"-on them too, yeah. They felt them while I did not. They, one by one, dropped into the ocean. I was alone... then I woke up." He didn’t speak for a while, watching the therapist carefully, chewing the inside of his cheek like there is more he would say but chose not to.

The therapist thought on this for a while, scratching his chin as he spoke: "Perhaps you fear commitment, you doubt your fidelity to those you love."

"No, that's not it."

"Well then the meaning could be something simple. Do you have a phobia of-"

"Ants? Not at all. This was something else. A message." He opened his mouth. It was then the therapist saw the swarm.

Black, writhing, legions of ants emerged from within. The man spoke as they marched, a living carpet of black quickly enveloped the room. "It means they name me God. I am to captain Earth's conquest. Bow before us. Despair!"

Before he could scream, move a muscle, they overwhelmed the therapist. Unlike the man, he felt them on his skin, a hundred thousand tiny scratching feet, crawling into every orifice.

"It means you're the one dreaming. It's time to wake up...

-wake up, Doc.

-wake up!"

The therapist blinked, pinched himself under the mass. He was too shocked to be afraid, stunned and disbelieving of how quickly one’s world can change.

This is a dream. This must be a dream. He told himself

Wakefulness never came, he drowned in the ant ocean, the insect tide. The world faded. In the black, he heard the man, calm in the swarm.

He could not tell if the man smiled, obscured by the trillions of ants spilling into the world. But he did hear his words, the last that he did hear. The first victim of the beginning of the end. The first victim of the new God.

"So Doc, you tell me... What does this all mean?"